Foundations | 20's - 30's | Room C106 | Peter and Cindy Richards

We are a group of couples (some with kids and some without) that grow closer to God and each other as we engage the community throughout the week wherever God has placed us. In short, we disciple one-another, hang out regularly and enjoy doing life together! 

S. A. L. T. | Co-ed Singles 20's - 30's | Room A204 | Kari Echols

We are a group of single adults who love to study the Bible, hang out, and serve others. 

Three Strands | Co-ed Singles 40's - Up | A110-D | Betty Ann Schacherer

We are a group of single adults who are dedicated to studying God’s Word as we “Do Life Together”.  We actively support one another as we love and serve our community.   Our class welcomes you as we grow, encourage, pray and fellowship alongside each  other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Home and Family | 30's - 40's| Room C201 | Lee Stanley  

We are a group of families with kids ranging from newborns to high schoolers.  We spend time together studying the Word of God and engaging in fellowship. We accomplish this goal through Sunday morning Bible study, men’s and women’s discipleship groups, missional service, and family fellowship.

The Connect Class | 40's - 50's | Room A203 | Jack Golden, Mike and Kelli Lawrence, Kirk Mann

Our gospel-centered Life Group is devoted to glorifying God through the vitality of the family. We pray together, learn together, care for one another, play together, collectively engage our communities, and simply “do life” together as family.

The Table |  All Ages |Room C211-E | JD and Michelle Hiller

Our Group focuses on Bible study, prayer, and service to our local community. We represent various ages, life stages and backgrounds – and welcome anyone who wants to combine their faith and works through weekly study and monthly outreach. 

Friends & Followers | 50's - 60's | C204 | Bo Jackson

Adults who meet for Bible Study, fellowship, and fun! You are invited to a group of friends who encourage one another to follow Jesus! Our Life Group members actively support each other in prayer, and we participate in Missions, Discipleship, and Fun! Come join us! 

Joyful Connection | 60's - 70's | C102 |  Benton Kelley

We are a group of people who care for one another while we are growing in our knowledge and understanding of God and His love for us. 

Lott’s Class | 60's - 70's | Room C203 | Chris Lott

We love to pray and study the Bible together and meet regularly outside the church for fellowship and serving the community in a variety of ways. The way we serve others is by looking after our church’s “Mission House”, serving in our church’s ESL (English as a Second Language) program, “International Friends at Grapevine”,  helping with needs at Union Gospel Ministry and various other areas of service. This gives us the opportunity to love and serve the neighbors nearby and in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are a warm and welcoming Biblical community that really looks after each other. 

Cornerstone | 70's - 80's | A111 |  Calvin Vande Zande

We are committed to growing in our love for God, His word, our relationship to one another and His world. 

Forever Young |  70's - 80's | North Hall |Newt Holloway

Celebrate this season of life. It’s “Primetime!” You are warmly invited to join an active group of seniors. We endeavor to experience and share the richness and fullness of our lives in Christ. We encourage and strengthen our members with interactive Bible study, prayer, great fellowship, exciting events and service. You’ll connect quickly…and have fun! 

The Thomas Swann Class | 80's- Up | C107 |Tom Bell

We care about learning the Bible, serving Christ, and praying for each other. 

Korean Class |  All Ages | A200 | Chris Kim

Our group is focused on loving and ministering to Korean and other Asian people groups in the Grapevine area. 


The Bullpen | All Ages | Room C100 |  Andy Counts

We are a small group of men who gather weekly for prayer and Bible study.

Faith Riders | All Ages | Room C103 |  Charles Martin

Our group of men explore the Bible and then apply its truth to our everyday lives. We believe every man is without hope apart from the saving grace of God. But with God, we have hope beyond our circumstances and our past. He has made us a new creation. 


Soul Sisters | All Ages | Room A206-B | Lori Coates

We are a multi-generational group of women who shape our lives around the teachings of Titus 2. 

Spirit Class | All Ages | C101 |  Connie Briscoe and Charlotte Vande Zande  

We are a group of compassionate and caring women who are growing in our understanding of God one verse at a time. As we grow in our understanding of God, we grow in our understanding of who we are and how we are to live in God’s Kingdom. 


La Mesa (Life Group in Spanish) | Toda las edades | C100-B

No importa en qué etapa de tu viaje de fe te encuentres - sí estás buscando crecer en tu relación con Dios o sí aún te encuentras explorando lo que es tener una vida con Jesús, ¡queremos caminar junto a ti! 

Queremos vivir como una familia de siervos misioneros mientras continuamos haciendo del Evangelio el centro de nuestras vidas. ¡Acompáñanos el próximo domingo! 


College and Young Adults | Ages 18 – 30 | Room A206 | Drey Clark

A class specifically designed for young people (18-30y/o) desiring real community with people their age, a deeper understanding of God’s Word, and true discipleship as they navigate life choices.


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