Our Spaces

Our Offices are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Our property is also open all sunday morning for Life Groups and Worship. 


Grand Entrance: Our glassed-in main entrance located in the center of our property on the west side. This entrance is closest to our Worship Center, student areas, and kid's classroom spaces. Don't forget to stop by our coffee station located to the right when you come in each Sunday morning.

Loft Entrance: On the West Side of our building, closest to E. Texas Street. This entrance goes to our student loft, student classrooms, student worship room, and student cafe. 

West Entrance: On the West Side of our building closest to E. Wall Street. This entrance is closest to our north hall, gym, adult life group spaces, and vine 5.6 ministry areas. 

North Entrance: Located off E. Wall Street. This is the only entrance on the north side our building and offers easy access to the gym, Fellowship Center, kitchen, and adult life group spaces. 

East Entrances: Two entrances on the east side of our building lead to Fellowship Center, and other adult life group spaces. The east side of our property also offers easy access to our kid's Worship Center and indoor playground. 

South Entrances: We have a few doors off E. Texas Street open on Sundays for additional entrances to our worship center. 

Office: Located on the south side of our building off of E. Texas Street. 

Parking: Our two primary lots are located on the west and east sides of our facility. There is also additional overflow parking northwest of our property across E. Wall Street.

A large, open space designed to gather, get coffee, drop off kids/students, and be greeted with a warm welcome.

Sunday services, conferences, and large events are held here. Our worship center contains two levels to ensure there is a always a spot for you!

Found inside our central south entrance labeled "Office," the Reception Desk is your first stop for questions during the week. You can reach the receptionist by calling (817) 488-8573.


Located closest to our east entrances, this multi-purpose room is used for several events, meetings, and bible studies throughout the week. 


Located closest to our west entrance, this multi-purpose room is used for several events, meetings, and bible studies throughout the week.  


Located by our west or north entrance. This space is used for mid-sized events, recreational activities, and kid's/student ministry. If you are interested in renting our gym facilities please email Marcus Smith at marcus.smith@fbcgrapevine.com.


A separate building located on the east side of the property. This space is used on Sundays and Wednesdays by our kid's ministry.



The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred and beautiful worship experiences of the church. Our worship center is available for weddings. Please read our Wedding Policies and let us know if you have any questions. Please contact us online for more information.


During your time of bereavement, we want to help you. Please contact us online, so we may assist in planning your loved one's memorial service. Our pastors, musicians, and sound techs are available for the service. You may choose to have the service in our worship center or the funeral home’s chapel.