Our Story


We are proud of our history in Grapevine. From its founding in the home of Uncle Nathan Hudgins in 1854 until today, the church has always had the vision of impacting the community for Christ.

Today, we reach people from all over the DFW area, but the church will always be linked to those beginning roots. From the first red brick building built on the corner of Wall and Church streets to the beautiful Worship Center opened in 1995, the doors of FBC Grapevine have been open to anyone who is looking for a relationship with Jesus.

As the church celebrates our role in making Grapevine one of the most attractive places to live, we are looking toward the future with new challenges and opportunities to reach the community with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


The first community worship services in Grapevine were held in the home of Uncle Nathan Hudgins, a Methodist minister.

Pioneer Baptists began worshiping together in a little log cabin schoolhouse on Dooley Street, located across the road from the Grapevine Cemetery.

On December 12th, Rev. A.J. Halford organized "The Baptist Church of Jesus Christ" in Grapevine, with eighteen charter members: John C. and Nancy M. Dunn and their daughter Sarah O.; Solan and Nancy P. Dunn; J.M. and Seanna Rogers; J.N. and Mattie Rogers and their daughter Alice; J.J. and Mary Rogers; W.M. and Rachel Giddens; Rachel V. Allison; Margaret Jarman; Mrs. E.A. Bushong; and Mary J. Boals. The church was a quarter-time church; i.e., preaching services were held only once a month.

The church bought three and a half acres, located on the southwest corner of Wall and Church streets for $150.00. Membership grew from eighteen to thirty

In December, the congregation moved into a new brick building. It had doors and windows, but no floor. The building cost $3251.81. First attempt to organize the Sunday school was short-lived (rescinded in 1872). The church became half-time; i.e., worship services were held twice a month.

Sunday School was organized for the second time. Membership reached 100.

A parsonage was built on land donated by Mr. & Mrs. G.E. Bushong. Rev. R.B. Morgan and his family were the first occupants.

The congregation built its second church building at a cost of $5700.00 on our present Texas Street site. The land was donated by Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Morehead.

Church membership climbed to 300. Morning services were now being held three times a month.

FBC Grapevine achieved full-time status; i.e., worship services were now being held every Sunday.

The church built an annex on the east side of the existing buildings, at a construction cost of $4000.00.

Church membership reached 452, and Sunday school enrollment reached 234. Gifts for all causes totaled $2626.25

A home for the pastor was built to replace the 1897 parsonage, and a baptistery was installed in the church.

The first Educational Building was built.

The second educational building, named the Fellowship Building, was constructed.

The old white frame church building was razed, and a chapel was built with the salvaged material. The congregation used the Fellowship Building for an auditorium during construction of the new sanctuary.

On June 22nd, the new Colonial-Style red brick auditorium was dedicated. The building measured 109ft by 57ft, and cost $150,000.00. A pastor's study and library were included. An educational building and kitchen were also constructed. Membership reached 780 and Sunday school enrollment reached 618.

On September 14th, the church celebrated its centennial reunion. Church membership reached 1000.

The North Education wing was completed in March, at a cost of $148,000.00. It was part of the "Together We Build for the Glory of God" program, which was begun in 1970.

Due to continued church growth, a second morning worship service was begun.

The church voted to use the "Together we Build" program to raise funds for a new $1,000,000.00 Education building.

January note burning ceremony, celebrates Pay-Off of $145,000.00 loan for all renovations and additions made to Church property during past four years.

The West Education Building was completed at a cost of nearly $1,000,000.00.

The Missionary House, located at 212 East Texas Street, was ready for use. David Brown and his family, from Mann, Ivory Coast, West Africa, occupied the house from July through October.

The Christian Life Center was completed.

Due to growth within the Youth division, the church leased the old Burrus Building, and remodeled it at a cost of nearly $90,000, to create a Youth Building. Much of the labor was done by volunteers.

In August, Sunday School attendance reached a one-day high of 1125. Attendance reached 1000 or more on Twenty-Two Sundays during the year. On three of those Sundays, attendance was 1100 or more. On August 24th, the Worship services were moved to the Christian Life Center to accommodate the increased attendance.

In January, the church hired an architectural firm to complete the design of a new Worship Center. At the same time, a firm was hired to lead a capital fund raising campaign, in anticipation of building the new auditorium. Two Sunday school times were kicked off on August 29th, with "Great Start Sunday". In November, the church voted to approve the building of our current Sanctuary.

September 4th was "Ground Breaking" Sunday for the new Worship Center. On October 23rd, 125 years of ministry at FBC Grapevine was celebrated.

On Christmas Eve, the current Worship Center was completed.

Plans made for new location building, to accommodate the need for expansion of children's ministry facilities, which could not be accomplished at the present church location. The church purchased 24 acres off 121 with the vision of better ministering to Grapevine and the DFW Metroplex through a more visible, highly accessible location.

The church voted to renovate the former Worship Center into Paradise Pond, with all facilities able to relocate to the future church campus.

On May 20th we dedicated our 24 acres of land purchased in 2003 to the Lord in a unified worship service and prayer walk on the property

The Church voted to sell the land on Hwy 121. The proceeds would be used to build a new Children and Student Building.

In November of 2017 the Church opened the new Children and Student Building.

In January of 2019 the Church started renovations on the Worship Center and Foyer. The renovations were finished for Easter. On October 20th of 2019 the Church Celebrated 150 years of ministry.

In 2022 the Education Buildings were remodeled.

In February of 2023 the Old Sanctuary was remodeled for Children’s Worship.